Happy Hawkers (iPad)

Happy Hawkers – Digital Edition

The Celtic House has just published our first e-book, Happy Hawkers!

Happy Hawkers was written by Ian and Elizabeth Macpherson although it’s Elizabeth’s gentle, if ironical voice which records their hilarious adventures.

When the couple, turned their backs on what were promising academic careers, they eloped. It was a huge scandal. Those were the days when respectability was on a par with religion and Elizabeth’s father was a minister. It can’t have helped either, that for the couple to make their way and with no cushioning welfare state, they lived in a gypsy-type van, selling fruit and vegetables from the back of a twenty-five horse power American car with broken springs. The book’s charm is enhanced with the illustrations of Mildred Lamb. Her deft drawing accurately reflect both the couple’s looks and their journeys through Scotland’s Badenoch country.

Happy Hawkers is available as a DRM free e-Pub, and on the iBook store & Kindle Store!